Entrepreneur Gino Fracchiolla on How He Assisted, Incubated, and Scaled Several Million-dollar Businesses

Gino is a business visionary who is also the founder of Infiniti Marketing Group

It requires a special kind of instinct and intuition to be able to make smart business decisions quickly. Helping other companies grow using your business knowledge is a talent, and Gino Fracchiolla is a person who does exactly that. Gino is a business visionary who is also the founder of Infiniti Marketing Group, a full scale public relations, marketing, and digital media agency. The company was started in 2017, and since then, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing marketing companies out there. Gino and his brainchild Infiniti stand out from the crowd. They ensure complete coverage and handling of client needs from the word “go”. Here, Gino shares how he assisted, incubated and scaled several million-dollar businesses.

“We make sure that we take care of everything as far as the client and their brand’s needs are concerned. We offer services from product detailing to social media marketing, helping the product and the brand grow,” said Gino. Today, Gino’s firm has partnered with more than 173 organizations in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. “The trick is to make sure that you use every skill at your disposal. I use online media to convey my messages and I ensure that my clients’ projects are successful and that they grow,” he added. Gino offers professional services at reduced rates that anyone can afford. Clients who have worked with him have agreed in later years how he has treated customers fairly and emphasized on equality no matter who the client was, whether a musician or a social media influencer.

Gino was born in Bari, Italy and later moved to the United States. Getting mixed up with drugs and street gangs caused him to have a difficult time. After spending nearly 10 years in prison for trafficking drugs, he became sober and founded Infiniti Marketing Group in 2018. Since then, he has been drug-free for three years while still maintaining his business. “I barely had any money for travel and work, so I was really happy that I could rely on some of my old connections who helped me to get in touch with over 200 high-profile clients,” said Gino. Infiniti Marketing has a staff of over 20 people, and its clientele includes various amazing businesses that Gino has helped scale.

Gino has already made a name for himself as a successful guide for businesspeople. He helps each person he works with to reach their full potential.

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