Ayush Manraj – Young entrepreneur and business expert now stepping into digital market

Ayush Manraj - Young entrepreneur and business expert now stepping into digital market
Ayush Manraj - Young entrepreneur and business expert now stepping into digital market

So, what is a person likely to do when he/she receives success in a particular field?

Repeat. Isn’t it?

Well, that is something risk-takers and champions avoid. And this is exactly the case with Ayush Manraj. At an age of mere 18, he was doing well enough to provide himself a luxurious life as a business consultant but he thinks that he won’t rot himself in it till saturation. So what did he do?

He has decided to finally enter into digital marketing.

You read it right; he is going to enter the most booming sector of the new 21st century. Well, the kind of difficult decision he made is applaudable in itself but he feels that one doesn’t become praiseworthy before working hard.

The dynamics of this world are changing at a pace that one could rarely think of as recent as two decades ago, but that is what it is. With the global and constant shrinking size of this world, the digital revolution plays an important role. It has given voice to those who were a kind of obscured a few decades back.

And so has the strategy of marketing and dreams of youth. Now that the marketing is mainly digital and freelancing is a fashionable choice of career, there come many myths.

The romanticization of being self-employed often hides the hard work that one has to go through. And entrepreneurship alongside digital marketing is the two biggest victims of it.

Digital marketing is a subject under the big field of marketing in which goods and services are advertised by different social media and web platforms. This is a huge subject and specialization in any of the platforms takes a lot of time and hard work but that is where the future lies and Ayush Manraj is more than willing to be a part of it.

Well, this field might sound fascinating to you but it is anything but a child’s play. There are strict deadlines, constant changing algorithms, and a race to prove oneself better than the crowd. And let me tell you they are just a few to name.

So, this untold reality might change the perspective and sandcastle of many but Ayush isn’t one of them. His success as a business entrepreneur might be early but it was definitely not easy. Many people thought it to be a lucky go case but that is something so immature to say.

He believes in execution rather than planning so he didn’t share his upcoming strategy and the kind of training he is going to have but the only thing he said with a smile was “Just wait and watch, our city is going to be the hub of digital marketing.”

Well, that is something that must rush the adrenaline level of his native city, because Ayush has proven himself in whichever field he has stepped into.

So let’s see what comes out with his new decision. All we can do is to wish him luck.

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