Ashton Henry Sheds Light On His Latest Best-selling Book, The Chemistry of Credit


Chemistry is nature’s law where compounds, when combined, generate a new chemical. Ideas are chemicals too, in that they lead to something new. And their domain is ever-expanding. For financial entrepreneur, credit coach, and best-selling author Ashton Henry, credits are chemicals and the world of finances a laboratory of potential and opportunities. In his new bestseller, The Chemistry of Credit, the proverbial professor explores the power of credit and gives insights on how to use it to improve one’s standard of life.

C is a book for everyone. At least, everyone who finds themself caught in the quagmire of the financial world. Money is empowering. And only the empowered are entitled to its benefits. Learning about the need to settle your credit, improve your credit score, and bring joy that always seemed beyond reach into one’s life, is the core message of Ashton’s book. Talking about it he says, “Credit, credit score, and other peripheral concepts are still new ideas for most people. And it’s often hard for many to let go of habitual patterns, especially when it comes to how they see money. And not just their money, but money in general. A man in debt often ends up believing that living in debt is his way of life. In my book, I offer encouragement and practical insights on why people must change the way they see themselves, money, and their relationship with it. Since my core area is freedom through credit literacy, you can expect a lot of useful content in these matters.”

Why do people fail to pay their credits on time, and what makes them fear taking their financial lives into their own hands are some of the questions that Ashton has attempted to answer in his book. He adds, “It’s not a sin to not be able to pay your bills on time. It’s a sin to believe there’s no way out of it. Delayed or unpaid payments damage your credit score. A damaged credit score spoils your chances of getting loans for something you might need. And without a loan, you won’t be able to fulfill your needs, and soon you’ll find yourself in a vicious circle of debt-pressure-debt. However, a growing understanding of credit can help you bypass that financial abyss.”

Ashton has been helping people get their life in order and improve their credit scores. With his handy book, people can now start the process of financial recovery at home.

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