Who Needs a Face When You Have a Hand -The Luwuciferx Story

The Luwuciferx Story
Who Needs a Face When You Have a Hand -The Luwuciferx Story

Luwucifer is a major Tik Tok content creator with almost half a million followers and millions of video views and likes on his every post. A quick glance on his social media page will show you that his fans are quite literally obsessed with him, anticipating his next move and always there to support him through it.

So what exactly does Luwucifer – also known as Luwuciferx – post to garner so much love and affection? His hands. Luwuciferx posts his hands.

Below we take a look at how a man posting only his hands could gather such a large following.

The Mysterious Hands

No doubt, one of the most alluring parts of Luwucifer’s whole brand is the mystery surrounding his whole essence. I mean this is a man who has built a large following for himself and continues to grow all without showing his face.

Only the hands.

The mystery that surrounds this alone is enough to draw anybody in to his strange personality and lifestyle. 

And no doubt one has to admit that this is, in fact, one of the aspects where Luwucifer has proven himself to be quite a genius at branding.

It must not have been easy at all to start out in the first place. And then to make it all work out and hone in on this mystery, is a move indeed worthy of praise and admiration.

Stripping Superficiality

One of the reasons Luwucifer chose this persona is simple – he was in need of a way to communicate and reach out to people without any of the fakery and superficiality that comes with showing your face.

He had to do this using the best tool he had. And to him, that was his hand. With his hands, he could figuratively write his own story and inspire others to do the same.

And what is this story? You can do whatever you put your mind to, and do it whichever way you choose to, no matter what people recognize previously at the norm.

Of course it’s not going to be easy. I mean, there’s a reason people put their faces on their brands. It catches attention and helps draw them in.

Without the face, it’s harder. But Luwuciferx got it done. And through his works it’s obvious that he’d like for people to know that they can do things their own ways too.

The Thrill of Anticipation

And even though, through his unique persona, he has sacrificed the advantage of quick attention grab, he has also gained something just as important in the process. In the place of quick attention, Luwucifer gained long-term anticipation.

Thanks to his mystery, his followers are more dedicated and loyal, always supporting him and waiting for his next move. Because they literally don’t know what comes next. How could they when they don’t even see his face.

And with this sort of anticipation comes a whole world of opportunity. And he is already paving the way for many who anticipate to be like him.

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