Meet Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer: Leading Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Meet Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer: Leading Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Saeed Rashed Bin Ghedayer

Horse and camel racing are hallmarks of Emirati culture and heritage. Owning and training these animals can be a very profitable venture, especially if your clients include prestigious families. Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer is a leading authority in this ancient sport. He is closely affiliated with ruling families within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has won races all over the world.

Saeed owns some of the finest camels and horses in the racing industry. They are premium animal athletes who perform as exceptionally as world-famous sports stars. These camels and horses are a source of great pride and have drawn international recognition.

Champion camels include Hodor (Game of Thrones anyone?) and Mafsa, who have taken first and second place in the Al Wathba Final Annual Camel Races Festival. The cash reward for the top spot in these races comes to roughly $1 million USD. Horse racing is equally profitable, and Saeed runs Fazza Stables with a close eye to continuously deliver champions like Matterhorn and Gronkowski.

Horses are Saeed’s passion, as he has worked with them almost all his life. This passion drives the trainer to give 200% as he reviews even the tiniest detail of each horse with every member of his staff. Teamwork and communication are key elements of why Fazza continues to turn out some of the finest racehorses in the UAE. Like camels, horses are valued as companions, and Saeed keeps one very close to his heart. His beloved Frankyfourfingers died after a fall in January of 2018 during a race, and Saeed claims the steed laid down his life for him.

This deep love of horses and being an accomplished rider has made Saeed very successful. These races are high stakes, with prizes upwards of $12-$20 million USD. With so much on the line, it is no surprise that Saeed spends 90% of his time training racehorses at his stable. And born with roughly 10% vision, it is no surprise this champion trainer is a major advocate for the medical community. Saeed is involved with a global initiative focused on improving lives through medical innovation.

Like racing, charity is deeply embedded in Emirati culture. It is the responsibility of the wealthy to offer aid to the weak or the poor. Being a part of a worldwide organization to advance medical care certainly satisfies this social role. Between his impressive facility, natural touch with horses, and philanthropic spirit, Saeed rightfully holds a place of honor in his prestigious industry.

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