Ghaiss Ghaebh: An passionate soul and driven music artist spiraling his way to the top.


    Ghaiss Ghaebh’s immaculate passion, love and interest for music making and singing has enabled him to come a long way.

    When we glimpse the success journey of some music artists, many of them have left us awestruck and have amazed us with their stupendous growth rate and fan following. Music industry has been one big hub, house, and platform where millions of music artists have showcased their skills, talent, and expertise to gain tremendous popularity, love, fame, and recognition. To create one’s own space and aura in the hearts of the audiences is an tough task, but for music artists and singers like Ghaiss Ghaebh, it was no brainer to strike the right chord in the hearts of the listeners.

    Being never afraid of failure nor learning new things, the positive attitude of Ghaiss Ghaebh took him on the long journey in the music world in this young age. Being naturally drawn towards the art and craft of music making, Ghaiss Ghaebh knew that he will have to work out of his skin to not only survive in his competitive music industry but to also deliver desired results for audiences. . Today, he has accomplished his dream and has given back-to-back five tracks which are in the heart of each listeners, all his tracks are extremely blockbuster hit which includes One Love, The Lonely, Happy, Twenty-Two, and One Life. All of his songs have created a massive buzz within the industry. His work is not only appreciated by listeners but also by many industry peers as well.

    Ghaiss Ghaebh’s popularity seems to be on the rise post the release of all his songs. His social media accounts have been flooded by messages and he has ben able to create a loyal fan base of followers in no time. The young music artist has long way to go with many exciting songs and projects already under pipeline and to be released soon.

    We wish his young budding music artist all the very best for all his future endeavors.

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