Young Miller’s upcoming single ‘Easy Flow’ is all set to top the charts


The buildup sure has evoked excitement and anticipation among fans of Douglas Miller, famously knows by his stage name, Young Miller. His music has been a much-needed escape for his fans who have showed their love for his work through their support online.

To reward this and further his career, Young Miller is set to release a new single ‘Easy flow’ which is set to be a banger. The single has raked so much support even before its release that it is a sure hit that will top the charts.

Besides getting encouragement from fans, Young Miller is passionate about his art and has been drawing inspiration from this. In addition to music, Young Miller is also a screen writer and clothing designer. His passion for design is evident in his personal style and fashion tastes.

“Easy flow” is such a monumental milestone for Young Miller and he is positive that all his hard work and determination will be evident in his track once it is released. Growing up in New Orleans, he always wanted to get into the business but he had to move away to make this dream a reality.

In 2001, he moved to Beverly Hills and became P’s understudy after which he took on a solo career that he has been furthering. He is the face behind World Fusion/DMG together with his business partner Rich Banks.

An open secret about Young Miller is his love for jewelry, being a designer, he understands how the right piece can complete a look and doesn’t shy away from accessorizing his outfits. All these characteristics of Young Miller are the reason why Easy Flow is guaranteed to be a success.

Moreover, he has experience in the industry and has topped charts before.  His singles have charted on Digital Radio Tracker and rose to #23. Given his track record in the past, Easy flow is the single that will make it all the way to the top.

Another reason why his next single ‘Easy Flow’ is a sure success is the amount of time he has put into working on it. He is determined to produce near perfection if not absolute perfection with this track.

His journey in the music industry has taught him the lessons that prepared him for what’s to come going forward. He urges fans to look out for great things coming from him.


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