Hamza Khan Says “PMD Digital” Is The Future Of Song Distribution For Indie Artists and Labels

PMD Digital - Hamza Khan

Are you an artist who needs a really good distributor service for your work? Then you are exactly in the right place. Today we have brought to you, PMD Digital by Hamza Khan.

PMDs are a digital breakthrough that has made it easier for indie artists and record labels. This is actually a completely free service which will not cost you anything and give you loads of services which are worth a lot. It has a lot to offer one of the most important factors being the fastest distribution to digital stores, which means a time period of three days. Moreover, it promises distribution service on one of the most renowned digital service providers that can include Apple Music, Pandora, melon, YouTube Music Premium, Amazon, Spotify, and 154 other places. With such amazing features, PMD Digital is sure to attract a lot of people willing to use it for their own benefit. It’s a hard catch to get your hands on!

At the moment, according to the insights received from Hamza Khan, they are dealing with more than 1500 clients from all around the world. Obviously, this is since PMD paid around 32 million PKR to their own clients since last year. The management hasn’t been easy, but surely interesting because of the load of work.

Because PMD Digital was a success, Hamza Khan decided to do something bigger now. He will be announcing the latest upcoming project that is based on Asian content, which is set to distribute to Indian DAPS and Callertunes as well. This sounds huge because the Indian people are open to such work all the time, and have shown keen interest in Callertunes in the past too.

In order to expand, all the Indian artists as well as the growing ones take the services of PMD digital that initially offers the Connect program. They are truly very empowered now because they are free to collab with the other artists from the roaster too. This is rather on the heavy side of distribution work.

The first time PMD Digital launched, it was in Pakistan, offering free song distribution in 154 DPSs with monthly royalty payments. More information is available on this website- pmd.digital. This website will let you know all that there is, the terms and conditions of the work, provided services, customer care help, and so on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist looking for good service or just someone interested in Hamza Khan’s work, check them out!

The amount of creativity and effort put into the work is amazing, because it is very consumer-friendly and guarantees distribution in a very short period of time, which most of the distributors do not provide or guarantee.



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