Executive Stride Founder Josh Pocock: On A Mission To Build The Best Lead Generation Service Anywhere

Josh Pocock
Josh Pocock

TORONTO, Ontario, February 19 – Most businesses struggle to maintain a steady flow of qualified leads.  The 2019 annual Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey found that generating growth was the top priority for 53%.  World-renowned entrepreneur, Bradley Sugars described the issue this way:

“Trying to grow a business without a steady supply of fresh leads is like trying to drive across the country on a single tank of [petrol].”

In 2018, when Josh Pocock launched his marketing agency, Executive Stride, he faced that same challenge of generating a consistent flow of leads.  And that challenge motivated Josh to develop his own unique approach to lead generation – a fully automated system that worked so well, he began offering it to his clients.  Very quickly, the Stride Lead Generation service grew in popularity, and now has become the primary offer at Executive Stride.

But Executive Stride is not the only lead generation company out there.

“I talk with people all the time who’ve worked with other lead generation agencies; they received a lot of promises, paid a lot of money up front, but they’ve soured on the whole concept because they never got the qualified leads.”

That’s why, Josh says, he and his team are continually evolving their system – talking to clients, implementing suggestions and making improvements to be the very best lead generation option in the marketplace.  Plus, Executive Stride has structured their packages so they deliver guaranteed results.

“If you buy 40 leads, and the estimated time of fulfillment is 3 months – we’ll keep working for Free until your order is complete; we make our client’s investment a no-risk proposition.  And with so many people having been burned by agencies in the past, I think this is one of the features the people we work with appreciate most.”

Josh also believes his prior experience as a door-to-door salesman has been instrumental to his ability to build and run a successful agency.

“Working in sales is a great way to get over your fears of rejection,” he laughs.  “I didn’t make a single sale my entire first month, knocking on hundreds of doors… I heard lots of ‘No’s’.  And worse.  But it was great mindset training because I learned how to stay positive in the face of massive adversity.”

Running a business inevitably has ups and downs.  But  Josh says he’s developed such a resilient attitude through his door-knocking days, that he’s always able to maintain focus and prioritize.

Any B2B company that enlists the help of Executive Stride will find themselves with a robust and proven fully automated lead generation system; clients will see calendars fully booked with qualified prospects and they’ll no longer have to spend valuable time trying to find customers or waste time talking to cold leads.  Plus, working with Executive Stride, businesses get the support they need to scale their business fast.

Josh says he’s on a mission to build Executive Stride into one of the best automated lead generation companies in North America.

“Our service is unique to any other lead generation system because it’s evolved based on client business needs and wants.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to customer feedback, and we’re always looking at ways to make our Stride Lead Generation even better.  That’s why after just a couple years in business, we’re already working with some of the most reputable companies in North America and around the world.  And believe me – we’re just getting started.”

In addition to lead generation and other marketing services offered by Executive Stride, Josh is developing a series of online Stride Training programs. These programs include step-by-step guidelines with everything you need to know about setting up a fully automated client lead generation system that works 24/7/365.

Any person who wants to learn more about Executive Stride can get additional information by visiting the website, executivestride.com.

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