Swatkat And Tiara’s New EDM Remix Sways The Internet With Beats

Swatkat And Tiara
Swatkat And Tiara

Music is a part of all our lives, right from growing up to when we’re old. The power of music shows in the simplest of things such as when we unknowingly tap our feet to a beat or even hum a tune. With time the taste of music among the mass has undergone certain changes and creative experiments have often led to new genres.

One such new form of music is EDM. Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, has increased in popularity over the past few years. The craze and spike in popularity have helped create a big industry for EDM event planners. The music performed by DJs at EDM festivals consists of a remixed version of popular songs and sometimes even original ones too. The beats, bass, and rhythms are what people seem to enjoy about EDM. It breaks normal conventions that we often associate with conventional music.

Indian Music Producer/DJ Swatkat recently collaborated with Japanese Music Producer/DJ and Music Producer Tiara under the ‘Revealed Recordings’ label. Collaborations bring two different pieces of baggage of talent together and serve the audience with a fusion of creative styles. People are loving the new remixed version of ‘The way that it was’ by Lost City, Cr3on, and Joselyn Rivera. Revealed Recordings released three remixed versions of the original straight up and all of them have been received pretty well by the netizens. The one remixed by Swatkat and Tiara has already pulled up 5k views along with praises from some of the big names of the industry like Hardwell, Diego Miranda and many more.

Swatkat unlike Tiara keeps a pretty low profile on his social media platforms and posts mainly things related to his album drops and collabs around. Tiara on the other hand is quite a face on social media with more than 65k followers on Instagram and a fanbase of her own. They have expressed their desire of coming together for another project soon. It

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