Spirituality And Entrepreneurship: Lourissa Setu Details How She Incorporates Both In Her Business

Spirituality And Entrepreneurship: Lourissa Setu Details How She Incorporates Both In Her Business
Spirituality And Entrepreneurship: Lourissa Setu Details How She Incorporates Both In Her Business

Spirituality and entrepreneurship have shared a powerful connection. Two primary motivations guide the entrepreneurial mindset. The first is the financial side which has to do with the company and its bottom line. The second motivation is self-fulfillment. This is often characterized by the personal satisfaction gained from offering a product or service as an entrepreneur. At the heart of this need for personal fulfillment is a spiritual sense of purpose. This spirituality is sometimes linked to one’s faith tradition but is not necessarily so.

Spirituality Contributes to a Sense of Purpose

This sense of purpose can explain why many companies and wealthy entrepreneurs form foundations that donate to charities. Lourissa Setu, a 26-year-old New Zealand native, is one entrepreneur who sees value in making a connection with both spirituality and entrepreneurship. The affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach takes a spiritual approach to her business and dealings with her team.

For many, the idea of spirituality may denote the worship of a deity. However, Lourissa expands this to mean a sense of purpose. “It depends what you define by spiritual. I am a massive believer in energy, manifestation, and things of that nature, but I am not one for sitting down and reading tarot cards all day while touching a crystal ball. There is a balancing role that takes place in business. Spirituality plays a big part in my business as it has allowed me to receive without forcing and chasing.

Spirituality Improves Self-Worth

Mindset shifts and spirituality have helped to influence the mental development of business owners and entrepreneurs. They think deeply about things around them and the impact they can have. This started at an early age for Lourissa. “As a child, I was extremely adventurous and was curious about many things most children probably didn’t think about too deeply. I wanted to know how everything worked, and I was fascinated by animals, dinosaurs, and space. I wanted to know how on earth we as humans got here and how we were formed. I also had a wild imagination and believed anything was possible.”

As she grew older and started her life as an entrepreneur, Lourissa continues to think profoundly and encourages those she works with to do the same. “My work is very inward-focused. It involves alchemizing the limiting beliefs and blocks people hold a lot of to get to the point of self-healing and development,” shared Lourissa.

Spirituality Empowers Others

Those aiming for a higher purpose are often moved by the need to improve themselves and humanity. They want to help people change their relationships, not just with money, but everything in their lives, including themselves. For Lourissa, she enjoys “self-discovery, empowering others to activate their potential and seeing their self-worth.”

Her work is based heavily on spirituality and manifestations. “I love seeing people transform their lives and finances. I hold space for and guide those who are committed to themselves and their vision through their journey using this vehicle.”

Entrepreneurs like Lourissa, who incorporate spirituality in their business process, have found it liberating and self-fulfilling. “I feel so much inner freedom with this that I never had before. I have experienced and seen so much self-acceptance in myself and other people.”

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