Nabeel Ahmad Has Become an Inspiration to Youth All Over the World

Nabeel Ahmad Has Become an Inspiration to Youth All Over the World
Nabeel Ahmad

We’re all in our ways trying to find inspiration to reach our dreams. Inspiration is something deeply personal and is often found in someone who has proved and achieved the success you’re aiming for.

Inspiration is important for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start their businesses or facing hurdles. Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is not a piece of cake, you’ll be facing failures and success along the way.

In fact, success hardly comes that easily, which is why so many aspiring entrepreneurs give up halfway. Failure has a way of discouraging us and even isolating us from pursuing our dreams. This is why today’s youth search for inspiration.

And, Nabeel Ahmad is someone who’s become an inspirational icon to youth all over the world, at just the age of 23 he owns a million-dollar business empire. Nabeel was just 19 years old when he decided that he wants to become an entrepreneur. This was followed by dropping out of college, to start his businesses.

Nabeel believes that no matter where you find your inspiration from, it’s an integral part of what keeps you moving when the going gets tough. His very own inspirations were Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

When youth today come across Nabeel’s story of failure and success, they feel a sense of pride that someone who was an ordinary teenager like them, made it this far, so why can’t they?

Nabeel belongs to a middle-class family from Pakistan. He always struggled having to constrict himself to classroom learning, despite the fact that he was a high-achiever. Nabeel’s destestment towards such a form of learning led him to drop out during his freshman year in college.

Nabeel in many ways broke the society’s norm of “formal education is everything”. He proved that there’s so much more you can learn from self-education. He began venturing into various types of businesses, giving it his all even when he failed. He failed like a winner.

Ultimately, success caught up to him. Nabeel’s PR firm Mogul Press, one of his many other companies, ended up becoming a hit.

Nabeel says, “After spending months in the media industry, I had mastered both components of PR – building connections with the right decision-makers, and perfecting the art of positioning through trial and error.”

Mogul Press is solely based on results, not pitching and guesswork, and Nabeel’s clients only pay for results. This was a whole new and fresh concept introduced in the PR industry.

Today, Mogul Press is one the fastest growing PR firms in the industry, generating $100,000+ per month. It has become a 7-figure company and is on track to becoming an 8-figure company in 2021.

While Nabeel was establishing Mogul Press, he was also working on his media and entertainment company, Skyray Media Group. One of its most notable media publications is The Hustler’s Digest.

The Hustler’s Digest has grown from zero visitors to hundreds and thousands of visitors every single month. It has become one of the most influential publications in the business industry.

Today, Nabeel is the proud founder and CEO of Skyray Ventures – a holding company that owns more than 20 companies, most notable of which are Mogul Press, Skyray Media Group, Vertabyte, and Skyray Clout.

Nabeel’s persistence, self-belief, and hard work have inspired youth to pursue their dreams, and not be beaten down by any hurdles they face along the way. Nabeel keeps proving time and again, that even at a young age, there’s nothing to stop you from chasing your dreams.

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