Alix Burton: From Starting Out in 2012 to Transforming Good Energy Worldwide into an Industry Leader

Alix Burton: From Starting Out in 2012 to Transforming Good Energy Worldwide into an Industry Leader
Alix Burton

The journey of an entrepreneur from novice to industry leader is filled with life lessons, obstacles, and an inspiring transformation. However, it is rare to see a small trucking company grow into an 8-figure consulting business with limitless upscaling potential. This is exactly what entrepreneur Alix Burton managed to achieve through his business, Good Energy Worldwide. Here, he talks about his secret to success in the trucking industry without ever having driven a truck himself.

Alix Burton started his trucking business in 2012 with a fleet of trucks and an idea for cruise-control profitability. In 2015, he realized a knowledge gap in the market for those wanting to establish their transportation businesses and began consulting one-on-one. By 2018, students were waiting up to 9 months to get a consultation with Burton and learn the principles he and his students used to generate a quarter of a million dollars every week.

Burton decided to condense all his information into an online blueprint format and sought the guidance and expertise of world-renowned author and acclaimed motivational speaker Eric Thomas. With the help of a talented team and staff for customer support and back-end operations, the program quickly rose to number 1. Today, Good Energy Worldwide is the top digital training platform in the US for transportation with an astonishing 100% 5-star reviews on Google.

Burton adds, “I teach my course in a detailed, digestible format for all my students on asset building and effective communication for a secure future.” He believes that Good Energy is more than a fancy name for his business, and that using the resources he provides and the knowledge he passes on, people leave as better versions of themselves, and that is his biggest accomplishment.

Burton’s business runs in a lucrative manner today but doesn’t stop him from wanting to expand his niche and further his growth. He aims to teach as many people as possible through his online guide, expand into real estate, and build 18-wheeler lots nationwide. He also runs a non-profit organization, travels the world with family, and prays to God daily. “The first step is to decide that it will work instead of hope for it to work. Sacrifice, dedication, and money management skills led me to where I am today,” he concludes.

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