Starting From Humble Beginnings, Entrepreneur Suhel Vats Takes ‘Big Muscles Nutrition’ To A New Level

Suhel Vats
Suhel Vats

To become a top businessman, one must not only have a sharp business mind, but also the ability to take risks. Only those people build a successful business empire who create a path of their own and not follow the rat race. Suhel Vats, a prominent name from the fitness industry is a prime example whose life and times as a businessman will inspire every young mind to step out of the comfort zone. He is the founder of Big Muscles Nutrition, India’s leading food supplement brand offering distinctive supplement products. Established in 2009, the brand has made its global presence with authentic products for fitness enthusiasts.

Coming from an engineering background, Vats has completed his B.Tech. After studies, he even worked in a tech company for almost 2 years until the idea of establishing a new business popped his mind. The process of launching a business in the fitness industry was one difficult task, but looking at the ever-growing popularity of health and fitness, this young and dynamic entrepreneur decided to set his footprints in the fitness world. “It was indeed a big risk I took in life. If I played it safe by securing a job, I would have not reached where I am today. I love it when people call me a businessman with guts. All I believe is that hard work never goes in vain”, quoted Suhel.

The leading supplement brand offers many products like whey proteins, mass gainers, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout essentials and many more. After building a strong network and understanding the demand for supplements in India, he brought Big Muscles Nutrition to life. Besides this,  Suhel also initiated the launch of shrink packaging for its products, a unique approach that was started by his company.

Big Muscles Nutrition’s all Products are FDA registered and FSSAI Approved. The transparency they follow is one of the important keys for becoming a go-to brand for every fitness enthusiast.

Moreover, Suhel introduced big players to the nutrition industry. Like Olympic Gold Medalist Sushil Kumar.

Since 2018, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the company. The brand introduced several flavors and continue enhancing the formulation in this category.  Promoting fitness pan India and inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle was one primary mission of Suhel Vats, and the young man has accomplished it. Began on a small-scale level, Big Muscles Nutrition has made a profitable revenue in the last few years. The company is soon touted to join the 500-crore club, thus becoming the most trustable fitness supplement brand in India and overseas.



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