Social media expert Dan James Clarke aims to inspire the youth with his story

Dan James Clarke
Social media expert Dan James Clarke aims to inspire the youth with his story

Dan James Clarke is just 19 years old yet one of the most successful digital marketers in the UK who specialises in social media marketing and public relations. Despite starting his ventures at such a young age, he has managed to gain a large expertise in social media growth.
Dan started his journey at just 14 years old where he spent hours per day learning the ropes of social media and how to grow pages on Instagram successfully. He made many mistakes in the process but it was his determination and willingness that helped him gain the confidence to achieve anything.
During school he spent all his spare time growing multiple niche pages on Instagram. Some of those pages he managed to grow to over 300,000 followers which gave him the opportunity to promote many different types of brands. Some brands were paying him up to £100 for a post online.
“It was pretty crazy to see how easy it was to make money online. Social media was very new to me at that age so I had only just discovered the ability to make cash from just posting about people on my pages.”
Dan now focuses on providing Instagram growth and public relations to brands, artists and entrepreneurs in order to increase their engagement and boost their business.
Not only is Dan using social media for marketing purposes, but he is also using his platforms to inspire young people. Dan is working on his book to encourage people to believe in themselves and not let anything stand in the way of their goals.
He says other than inspiring young people, his personal goals are to travel the world. He has already been able to visit some amazing places including Kenya, Switzerland, Canada and Spain.
“My dream has always been to see all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I love travelling and I never want to stop. I think the thing that always drove me to being successful on social media was the ability to have many adventures and share them with the world.”

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