Budding Hip Hop Musician, Yung Gecko Has Reached Over A Million Streams On His Latest Releases

Yung Gecko

Yung Gecko is not just another name who has emerged in the US Hip Hop Artist Community but he is the one who has had the capability to stand out amongst the crowd. With untiring efforts, passion and willingness to work harder each day, Yung Gecko is now on the path where people are going crazy over his creations and are showing their true love and appreciation for his art.

He is a budding music artist who started working on his beats and practicing the art since his high school days only. His biggest inspiration to be fascinated by rap culture is Drake and his  “What a time to be alive” album with Future. Gecko always wanted  to create music on his own and therefore created a home studio where he became more serious about pursuing his passion.

In his senior year of high school, Gecko recorded his first song called ‘Fake Friends’ which he released in March 2020. The song has nearly reached a million streams and people still seem to love it so much. He utilised the time he had during the lockdown and focused on creating maximum music content online. His aim is to inspire others who are passionate about the same but are too afraid to experiment or of the competition out there. It is a well known fact that a new music talent is born everyday, especially for the rapping and hip hop music in the US. The craze is quite high and so is the power required to be unique than others. This is exactly what Yung Gecko has mastered and he worked on two of his greatest albums in 2020 and released both of them – ‘Time’ and ‘Spain’ in November and December. The growing popularity is the proof and kind of a motivation for him to keep doing what he is.

Being a millennial, Yung Gecko understands his audience so well that he knows the kind of entertainment they look for. Therefore, Yung Gecko has now started to devote time to create good quality content for Tik Tok audience and engage them enough to be a follower of his rap music as well as of other talents.

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