Jacob Judah and the future of AR business

Jacob Judah
Jacob Judah and the future of AR business

Modern-day investment strategies have evolved with the changes that this pandemic has brought. Investments carry high risk because the capital invested is usually unsecured, so if the business fails, then the equity investment is lost. A London based venture capitalist Jacob Judah, is setting up new bars for tech-businesses. He is a member of the investing company called Global. He is working on an AR-based start-up for now. It is a relatively new field in the market and has a lot of scope for expansion.

Jacob is highly enthusiastic about technology, especially using computer-generated perceptual information based ventures. He also makes high-end apps on ios platforms. Jacob created several apps for ios that got downloaded over 10 million times. With the immense popularity of his creations, he is moving forward in this field. And currently, he is focusing on technologies based on an Augmented Reality based start-up. This field is supposed to go big in the coming years.

With the ongoing digital and tech pumped era this market is believed to grow steadily. He says that the AR market will reach $78 billion by the year 2025. His words seem confident and motivated fuelled by his passion for business. We have been seeing in fictional movies how AR is a technology ahead of its time. It has become a reality now. The primary value of augmented reality is the components of the digital world and the way they blend into a person’s perception of the real world.

Talking about Jacob’s personal life, he likes to party and go on beach vacations. His lifestyle is a high-class luxury and can be seen on Instagram as well. While he likes to focus on his work more, he keeps a good balance between his work life and private life. We are certain that he is going to achieve success in this field one day. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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