A Precious Child’s “Match 4 Mission Empower” Campaign Aims to Establish a Special $500,000 Fund

Match 4 Mission Empower is A Precious Child's annual fund campaign will take place February 15th through March 31st

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has most affected underprivileged and orphaned children who were unable to fend for themselves. With companies and businesses shutting down alongside whole countries, no one was there to step up and take care of young children. Fortunately, several charities and donor groups and welfare organizations took it upon themselves to ensure that even during this pandemic, children were taken care of. This is exactly why A Precious Child, a welfare organization that provides a holistic continuum of care to those children and families in need, launched a campaign to establish a special $500,000 fund.

Match 4 Mission Empower is A Precious Child’s annual fund campaign will take place February 15th through March 31st. To kick off the campaign, a leadership group of donors has stepped up to establish a special matching gift fund of $500,000 to challenge and inspire others to support A Precious Child’s life changing programs.

The campaign will also include individual donors who can sign up to host team fundraising pages, set their own fundraising goals, and share via social media platforms to raise awareness and funds to help meet their goal. These funds will support A Precious Child in furthering the mission to provide children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential. To learn more and set up your own page, please visit: https://bit.ly/match4mission

With support from this campaign, A Precious Child would be able to continue to provide disadvantaged and displaced children with “Cradle to Career” support to break the cycle of poverty by reducing socioeconomic inequalities through our Economic Mobility Initiatives, which include: Child and Family Advocacy, Family Stability, Academic Success, Social and Emotional Well-Being and Workforce Development.

A Precious Child was started by Carina Martin and is different due to its collaborative service delivery model. They team up with nearly 500 agency partners and narrow down families and young children who are most at risk and in need of the organizations’ services and provide the care. Simply put, they are an intermediary between the disadvantaged and the service providers. “Our job is to keep up the care of these underprivileged folks. With the help of likeminded people, we can provide proper care to all around us,” said Carina.

The organization has a series of 10 programs that are employed variously to provide all possible services to children and families in need. Access to resources, and management, along with basic amenities like toiletries, school supplies, opportunities for education and mentorship, are provided to families and children who need them. A Precious Child also provides access to extracurricular activities that are usually not available to underprivileged children.

“It is remarkable what individuals can do when the need arises. We are grateful,” said Martin.

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