Divine Flavors Unleashed in Your Kitchen With Chef Ligia Lugo’s: The Daring Kitchen

Chef Ligia Lugo

We all know what it’s like to slip into a boring routine of dishes and flavors, cycling us uncreatively through the week. It’s a repetitive rut, accompanied by uninspired monotony and a flagging imagination. It’s not long till this bland menu spills over into our everyday feelings. At its worst we may find ourselves depressed and feeling stuck and unhealthy. Stage cue: unique, healthy recipes, packed with varying, exotic flavors. Lights on and action – you’ve just been struck by The Daring Kitchen.

Ligia Lugo, nomadic chef and food blogger is the co-creator of The Daring Kitchen. This recipe blog and dynamic foodie-resource promises to spice up your meal repertoire and boost your confidence and imagination in the kitchen. Ligia, with her partner Chris, bring you the finest in culinary techniques, artistry, and flavors, with their easy-to-follow recipes. The Daring Kitchen blog is a perfect landing pad for all food lovers. If you’re looking for exotic-flavor ideas with the freshest, healthiest ingredients, you’ve found it! Boredom no more: this foodie-fusion duo brings cultural cuisine packed with nutrition, right to your kitchen.

Empowering you to boldly experiment at home, Ligia and The Daring Kitchen guide you with the best tips and guidance delivered in simple, colorful, easy-to-follow recipes. Ligia captures the vibrance of food and health in her recipes, which she believes rest at the core of inspired cooking and living. She includes seasonal ingredients and insights giving her exotic recipes that well-rounded ‘fresh and local’ feel.

What obstacles did you encounter on this journey to develop your culinary skills and mastery?

“Growing up in a small town in Nicaragua, there weren’t a huge variety of foods to try, and it was difficult to get any new ingredients to work with. I began to travel shortly after I finished college and spent 7 years travelling the world. I met locals, learnt about their community, food, and how to cook local dishes,” explains Ligia. “It was a stressful process at times, but I’m thrilled with where it got me today!’’

You really unleash some inspiring recipes on your website and food blog, The Daring Kitchen. What, for you, is success all about?

“Success isn’t guaranteed, but you’ll never have it if you don’t risk failure. If you really want something, keep working for it! Don’t let those days where your goals seem further away, discourage you from powering on,” Lugo says. “From very humble beginnings, thousands of people now read my recipes and try them at home. It took hard work and consistency to get here, but the journey has been very rewarding, and well worth it.”

Explore and unleash the divine flavors developed by Ligia Lugo. Transform a mundane weekly menu into flavors which inspire and ingredients which invigorate. Follow The Daring Kitchen and Ligia Lugo on her IG ID ligialugoreal.


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