Daniel Mangena: Empowering Life Amidst Adversity

Daniel Mangena
Daniel Mangena: Empowering Life Amidst Adversity

With his motivational public speeches on taking transformational actions and empowering people from within, Daniel Mangena is calling us out, to achieve our dreams by jumping outside of conventional boundaries. While he was perfecting his success, he had his share of experiences and challenges. As he often recalls: these helped him to rebuild a better life! Daniel says, “before my mid-twenties, I hit rock bottom. I started looking for a way to end my life, but in doing so realised the common denominator in all of it was me! I was the sole architect of my current situation, regardless of what had gone on, and I alone had the power to turn it all around.”

While conquering his demons, Daniel built the four-step system inspired by his personal experiences ‘The Beyond Intention Paradigm‘ that concentrated on life’s journey from misery to success. The intention behind it: to inspire purpose and uncover the joy in people’s lives. Daniel usually inclines his approach towards flow and alignment, he says, “I seek to really delve into the subconscious of those I work with, in order to identify their deeply held desires and then align their outer world with that outcome.”

His various techniques and approaches cover the removal of mental blocks. “So much of the work that I do is about enabling people to identify the programming that they’re running on, and then give them the tools to consciously intervene with new programming, that will give them the outcome that they want.”

In his mission to give people the necessary tools to realise their dreams, Daniel has also designed various free resources, that he offers on his website, blog, podcast and youtube channel. These are for people seeking guidance on wealth creation, self-development,  transforming mindset and much more besides. His programs really speak to the joy of success and the emotions associated with our dreams becoming reality. There really is something for everyone, from the novice to the more esoteric. Daniel wants more than anything for his programs to be as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.

According to Daniel, challenges are inevitable and everyone has their preconceived notions and baggage. However, amidst such common challenges; Daniel aims to encourage open-mindedness, to embrace these notions and inspire ways to leverage hidden opportunities. With his ‘Wealth Manifestation Guide’, he addresses our internal programming that evokes our creative energy and supports us to manifest anything, including wealth.

After bagging numerous titles (like becoming a ‘Master of Success’ in The Wall St Journal), being interviewed by the legendary Jack Canfield and continuing the growth of his Micro 2 Millions program, Daniel is excited to serve more and more people through his online courses and content. Furthermore, Daniel is excited to blend new approaches with his sessions, producing more media content that includes feature-length documentaries and a video series in the coming days.

While he thrives on adding value to others’ lives, he believes that: ”You owe it to yourselves to put the work in. To find out what you really want from your life. Don’t allow the desires of others to dictate your path. You will know instinctively when you are unhappy and living out of alignment, this is what leads to the likes of a mid-life crisis.”




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