Manish Baser On Capturing The World’s Picturesque Destinations

    Manish Baser

    Photographs are perspectives filmed by a cameraman. People with enriching perspectives bring out a genre of stories through their photographs. Similar is the story of Manish Baser, the world-class travel-based photographer whose works tell vivid stories to the viewers.

    He was an IIT-IIM Alumni, who was struggling to find his time for his passion. But soon, he stroke a fine balance between his corporate life and his passion and began documenting while he started to travel around the world. He has traveled the entire stretch of India from lesser-known unexplored towns to the huge urban megacities. His wide set of captures include the ancient historic places in Delhi that have a long history with the Mughals to the mundane coastal life of people living in God’s own country, Kerala. He posts all his captures on his Instagram account which has 22k plus followers.

    His photography not only limits to the Indian courtyard. As most often, he travels abroad and brings out beautiful stories through his photographs from the entire world around him. Sometimes he might be capturing just a foggy morning in Dubai and just a few hours later he might be seen capturing Burj Al Arab. So, he tries to film a variety of photographs. He has traveled in many countries like New Zealand, Italy, Greece, and many more. Once he visits a place, he makes sure he almost captures all the picturesque elements of the place. For example, when he traveled to Italy, he photographed simply carved statues on road to the gondola boats that sail in Venice, windmills that symbolize the Mykonos iconic past, the picturesque view from Vernazza, and several others. He even traveled to Iceland and captured beauties in such a freezing climate.

    His commendable work in photography has been acknowledged and been published by Forbes, NatGeo India, Nikon, Ministry of Tourism of India, Kerala Tourism, and Switzerland Tourism.

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