3 Investment Myths Debunked By Aristotle Varner

3 Investment Myths Debunked By Aristotle Varner

When it comes to investing, there is a lot of information readily available. The problem is, not all this information is entirely accurate. Aristotle Varner found this out firsthand and recently debunked 3 very common investment myths.

Several people consider investment, but they are concerned that it will be too complex to fully understand. Aristotle has some college under his belt, but he became a multimillionaire while he was still active in the military. By starting with the Acorns app, he invested in stocks then moved to options trading. He doesn’t have a degree but is self-taught, devouring books and videos to find out everything he could about this area. Aristotle simply educated himself using a method that worked for him. Different people have different learning styles, and with personalized education, a person can learn the ins and outs of even the most complicated topics.

Another myth that Aristotle completely shattered was that a person is either too young or too old to start investing. Case in point, this self-made man is 24 years old. He has created companies that deliver revenues in the millions, sharing his knowledge to help others achieve financial independence. Aristotle even offers a live course, AMUU, to teach the concepts of options trading to illiterate individuals. His online chat community, Aristotle’s Signals & Learning, is another educational platform for the exchange of knowledge between new and experienced investors. Aristotle does not put an age limit on investment, meaning no one is too young or too old to begin trading.

Lastly, he shows us that past performance does not guarantee future returns. Aristotle built his businesses from the ground up; he did not have any past performance to rely on or even guide him. He teaches people that trading is dynamic, not static. For example, the tech boom of the 1990s made a lot of people very wealthy, but some stocks are virtually worthless today. As for new and future investors, he does advise them of the risks involved but emphasizes you do not need an investment background to be successful.

Aristotle looked to the future rather than the past—valuable advice he shares with others. He differentiates himself from competitors with personalized service and a family atmosphere. By genuinely caring about the people he works with and making time for family, friends, and self-care, Aristotle has brought important concepts to the investment market, which it previously lacked.

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