Andrew Hager is Transforming the Lives of Drug Addicts in partnership with Boca Recovery Center

Andrew Hager is Transforming the Lives of Drug Addicts in partnership with Boca Recovery Center

Drug addiction can be one of the most dangerous threats to human life. It poses threats to the person who consumes it and also people who are connected to him/her. It may include families, relatives, friends, and peers. It is believed that when a person gets involved in drug addiction and any such related unlawful activities, it becomes almost impossible to come back to normal life. But there are a few people like Andrew Hager who not only draw themselves out from this swamp of addiction but helps other people too. So, let’s have a closer look at the life of the former drug addict and now a motivational speaker on digital media:

Born on November 1, 1971, Andrew Hager comes from an unusual family in Lexington, Kentucky. His father died in a car accident before he was born; therefore, he was raised by his mom and grandparents. Andrew’s mom Cathy Townsend was only fifteen years old when she gave birth to him. And at the age of seventeen, she became pregnant with his second husband and decided to leave Andrew to his grandparents.

With the behavior and habits of his grandparents, Andrew couldn’t experience bright childhood memories like others. And the absence of parents had made his life more challenging. At first, it was easy for him to ignore the abusive behavior of his grandparents but soon he realized that he couldn’t stress it any longer. He couldn’t go outside to play with other children; neither could he manage to study.

Andrew was dependent on his school expenses, shelter, and food from his abusive grandparents. And due to this, he finds any other help and he also started consuming alcohol. At that time, he was studying at Harrison Elementary School on Bruce Street in Lexington. This was probably one of the difficult phases of his life. And he wouldn’t imagine going all other than that again.

Not only at home, but Andrew was not treated well at school by some teachers and other children. They considered him as a ‘slow learner,’ and didn’t give much attention to him. His grandparents even call him “dumb and stupid” and this had affected him very badly as a child.

It’s only his difficult childhood that pushed him towards the dark world of drug addiction. When he turned 14, he tried alcohol for the first time in school. From this time on, he kept on going farther and farther in the dark world of drugs. Andrew got in touch with his “cool friends,” who are responsible for pushing him more into the drugs. From Marijuana, cocaine, to Opana, he consumed it all regularly in the 18s.

But one day, he promised himself that he would do anything and everything to come out of this dark world. And because of his determination and courage, he did so. Andrew is now helping drug addicts live a healthy and happy life by leaving the drug consumption and sending them for treatment at the Boca Recovery Center. He conducts regular live sessions on his Facebook page to connect with the audience directly and shares his story and motivates them. Today, he is regarded as one of the best motivational speakers in the digital space.

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