Pecos Valley Production Brings Precedence to Education

Pecos Valley Production Brings Precedence to Education

Education isn’t normally something you would associate with a cannabis dispensary. However at Pecos Valley Production it is a staple. Cannabis is complex, there is no way around it. Whether you are choosing between different strains, extraction methods, or percentages, it can be overwhelming.

Pecos Valley Production is a medical cannabis dispensary rooted in Roswell, New Mexico, with locations all over the state “serving you with compassion and excellence”. Education is their number one priority for the organization, and has a program in place that focuses on the product specialist role and how to better improve the patient experience. Understanding individual factors such as health and lifestyle help the product specialist guide a patient in the right direction.

This is just the beginning for Pecos Valley Production when it comes to education. Expanding their transparency and access to information is currently a project in the works. They recently launched a YouTube channel to help educate and entertain. There are many cannabis connoisseur videos on YouTube that address a multitude of topics and this channel will provide concise, to the point videos that summarize puzzling topics. The channel will also feature tours of the New Mexico facilities like manufacturing, extracting, and growing.

The YouTube channel will help to generate educational conversations between the patient and product specialist. It will also be a useful resource for anyone interested in cannabis. It’s a complimentary piece to the puzzle when it comes to creating an all-inclusive learning environment.

Pecos Valley Production has dealt with many roadblocks along the way to becoming New Mexico’s premier cannabis organization. Education is important because it sheds light on what we know and what we need to learn when it comes to cannabis products. There is a lot of noise surrounding the market as a whole, and the best way to move forward is with knowledge that improve the patient’s experience.

Starting low and going slow is a common phrase in cannabis production. Pecos Valley Production has a wide range of edibles, with micro dosing starting at 1 – 2mg. On the other side of the coin, a patient can purchase up to 420mg in a single serving. If a first-time patient sees these numbers and “bud tender” behind the counter says, “I normally take about 50mg and feel pretty chill”, this can be misleading and potentially turn a consumer away from cannabis in its entirety. This small amount of information could be life changing.

This is another reason to take education seriously. As a product specialist, you don’t always know why a patient is coming to a dispensary. Ask appropriate questions that the patient is comfortable answering and compile answers to assist their needs. It’s the job of the organization to provide the necessary tools for employees to help provide a better patient experience.

Did you know that starting at a low serving of either hemp or cannabis can increase the number of receptors in the human body that interact with cannabinoids? A first-time user at Pecos Valley Production is encouraged to start with a hemp product. Hemp products contain less than .03% THC and are not as psycho-stimulating as cannabis products (defined as having more than .03% THC). Starting low and going slow is safe for the patient and cost effective in the long run. These tricks of the trade come from an educationally sound dispensary.

Pecos Valley Production is far from achieving its goals. Day by day, one mindful step at a time, Pecos Valley Production intends to be a lighthouse of resources to those venturing into cannabis production and use. When it comes to dispensaries, be curious, ask questions, and visit Pecos Valley Production for a unique experience.

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