Camilo Doumat: From Creation, Growth, and Marketing of Successful Brands to Establishing a Widely Successful e-Commerce Business

Camilo Doumat

The internet has changed a lot of things, but it has radically changed the way we shop. The digital frontier has brought brands and products we never knew existed into our homes and offices. This has paved the way for digital entrepreneurs like Camilo Doumat to find success through this exciting new sales model.

When he was 16, Camilo used to sell phones online. This launched his career ambitions: to sell online. Paired up with his lifelong enthusiasm for computers, this proved to be an ideal formula to conquer the broad world of e-commerce. And conquer he did, creating sales of 7 million dollars in just 14 months.

This astonishing success has not gone unnoticed as Camilo quickly rose to be a recognized figure in in his field. On some days, he sees sales of $100,000, more than what most people make in a year. Working from his laptop has given him financial freedom and allowed him the option to run his businesses from anywhere in the world. As he always wanted to make a living off his computer, he has made this dream a prosperous reality.

Born in Venezuela, Camilo came to the United States where he felt he would have greater opportunities to launch an online business. Before starting his Shopify stores, he was an Uber driver. His first storefront billed $50,000 in a week, prompting him to quit Uber and focus on his online presence. That first store made $300,000 in just 15 days.

These sales did not create themselves as Camilo credits his success to perseverance and a winning mentality. Dawn-to-dusk hours were the norm, and he spent long stretches without making a cent before his e-commerce shops took off. Camilo considers himself an expert in creating, promoting and growing his internet brands. All of these are critical factors for any business to succeed, and Camilo is performing these tasks without a marketing department.

Today, this young entrepreneur shares the secrets of his online success by teaching others how to run their own e-commerce businesses. His goal is to help change people’s lives by showing them the most effective techniques to be successful in the immense world of online sales.

Camilo set a goal for himself: to own a Lamborghini by the age of 30. At 25, he has two. For those looking to launch a successful e-commerce business, you would do well to heed this entrepreneur’s advice.

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