An Exclusive Interview with the Founder of Leading YouTube Channel RAWWfishing – Franklin Seeber

Founder of Leading YouTube Channel RAWWfishing – Franklin Seeber

As he grew up watching the legendary Steve Irwin, Franklin Seeber dreamed of having his own television show. At only 22 years old, this animal lover has one million YouTube subscribers and over 500 million active viewers on his channel RAWWfishing.

This outdoorsman enjoys travelling, working out, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yet his true passions are outdoor activities such as fishing and working with animals. He chose YouTube as his platform to showcase his recorded interactions with animals as he educated himself and his audience at the same time. Not only is Franklin trying to get people outside, but he is also trying to show them how to properly take care of their pets and local wildlife.

Being diagnosed with ADHD made growing up tough for Franklin, but this turned out to be the secret of his success.  When his dad asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, Franklin said he wanted to be a great fisherman. With this, fishing expeditions were filmed and led to weekly vlogs.  Thanks to ad revenue, investments were made that allowed Franklin to make his videos a full-time job.

After graduating from high school, Franklin pursued his dream of becoming a content creator and influencer. In addition to videos, his next projects are apparel and promotional items plus a second, more inclusive channel to expand demographics. This has been partially achieved with maintaining judgment and focus while turning any fears into motivation.

Franklin sets himself apart from competition with care and compassion. Not just for animals but for his audience, colleagues, and partners. This sincerity comes across on camera and makes him not only more sincere but also more relatable. It brings a genuine air to his videos that cannot be fabricated and further endears him to viewers. This has been an enormous factor in his success.  The next goals for this caretaker include reaching ten million subscribers, buying his dream home, and breeding scores of animals to teach his viewers how to interact with them.

He says his greatest challenge is the care of the animals themselves, but Franklin overcomes this challenge with care and compassion. Through consistency and measuring success through large or small tasks, Franklin has established an amazing brand based on a steadfast love for animals and the natural world. He is more than a creator, he is a steward.

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