The Evolution Of Cannabis-Inudstry Mogul Jason Draizin

Jason Draizin

Jason Draizin is the founder and CEO of, a one-stop platform for shoppers to inform themselves on local cannabis laws; how to discover a prescribing doctor;  and to educate themselves on the various advantages of marijuana as backed by medical and scientific research.

Draizin’s initial motivation for Marijuana Doctors came from exploring the legalities of the real estate market in the Hamptons.

After Draizin left school, he worked with his family in the development of residential real estate in the affluent Hamptons region of New York.

He oversaw commercial and residential real estate, however didn’t find much upside in continuing in this traditional space.

Instead, the emergent space of legalized marijuana attracted Draizin’s attention and he soon jumped industries.

Initially Draizin was an investor in various pre-ICO organizations in LA region, where cannabis was a staple of the mainstream society. He was a partner in Crown Genetics, which has exclusive products and distribution across California through physical shops.

At Crown Genetics, Draizin met up against numerous legal limitations that not only forestalled the spread of legal marijuana but also made it very difficult for consumers to navigate through legalized channels.

Enter, which Draizin innovated to facilitate and streamline cannabis growth and consumer demand. The site enables buyers to discover prescribing doctors, educate themselves on the legality of cannabis in their market, and provides a single stop resource to all about the latest research pertaining to cannabis studies.

Marijuana Doctors- which has been taking shape for ten years- now has over 1,000,000 qualified patients that visit his site regularly each month. In fact, it was positioned among the top 100 marijuana blogs by Feedspot in 2020.

Beyond just cannabis, Draizin is enthusiastic about assisting individuals with discovering utility in substances that were recently viewed as unlawful medications.

He stays immovable and committed to the objectives he set when he wandered out of the real estate area and is now working on projects with psilocybin and ketamine that contain the promise to further the wellbeing and health of individuals worldwide.

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