“The Fit Pizza Girl” Aleen Johnson Lists 5 Pro-Tips For Budding Instagram Stars

“The Fit Pizza Girl”

Quick hacks and fake followers are not going to make one an Instagram star. Here’s Aleen Johnson, alias The Fit Pizza Girl, who is an Instagram star herself shedding light on five pro-tips to become famous on the platform. Let’s delve!

  1. About profile picture

Your profile picture is what Instagram users see before even engaging with your social posts. So, a profile photo that has such high visibility requires one to put their best face forward. Aleen shares, “Instagram is a personal medium. People visit Instagram pages which they feel engage them. So, it’s not the right place to have a ‘seller’ mindset. Users want to know the person behind the account, so give them that – not a logo.”

  1. Post frequently

Aleen asserts that successful brands always post regularly to attract followers and boost engagement rates. She says the sweet-spot is one-two posts in a day; it keeps the social feed fresh and relevant. This also attracts more eyeballs to one’s content.

  1. About time

“There’s no particular time ritual you need to follow,” says Aleen, “Just keep it consistent. For example, if you are posting something around 2’o clock in the afternoon, then keep posting at that time – it demonstrates your brand’s integrity, and also is easier to manage.”

  1. Pick a niche

Every Instagram star has a particular theme going on. Aleen advises budding Instagram stars to focus on this particular aspect, which means one should know who their target audience is. She elaborates, “Not everyone is going to like you. If your posts are about, let’s say, comic strips on hair, you should be able to attract users who love to binge caricatures on curly hair, unruly hair, straight hair, and so on.”

  1. Keep your Instagram bio fresh

It’s easy to disregard the profile bio after writing it, but that would be a big mistake. Aleen explains, “Your bio is the first thing people see after your profile picture, so it must give them a clear and brief idea of what your Instagram page is about.” Aleen advises aspiring Instagram stars to be transparent about three key things – who they are, what do they do, and what they like to share.

Aleen made waves by building a lucrative Instagram account with over 581k followers. She has been featured in international publications and is on her way to become a successful model. Her tips provide a great deal of insight into using Instagram effectively to build one’s brand.

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