Dr. Simon Ourian Perfects Procedure To Remove Dark Circles

Dr. Simon Ourian Perfects Procedure To Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can indicate one of several issues, but advanced cosmetic treatment can reduce or eliminate dark circles, when done by trained and experienced medical professionals. One of Hollywood’s hottest cosmetic dermatology doctors, Dr. Simon Ourian address under eye dark circles with his proprietary laser technology and dermal fillers technique.

Epione Beverly Hills’ Dr. Ourian explains that dark circles are caused by constricted blood vessels under the surface of the skin, which can thin the skin and generate hyperpigmentation. The causes of constriction include poor sleeping habits, physical exhaustion, allergies, and the lack of good-quality sleep. His treatment option of doing a combination of Coolaser and Neustem dermal fillers can turn back the clock significantly for both men and women for a fraction of treatment time: on the average it takes 20 minutes to complete the procedure.

Under Eye Dark Circles Removal at Epione Beverly Hills

Pesky dark under eye circles could also be a result of aging, rubbing the eyes too frequently, overexposure to sunlight, smoking, dehydration, thyroid conditions, dermatitis, anemia, thinning of the skin around the eyes and loss of fatty tissue around the eyes.

Treatment at Epione Beverly Hills

Dr. Ourian’s amusing technique begins with the Coolaser, which the physician himself pioneered. The skin is first cooled with a specialized device, followed by a series of light pulses, which remove skin while stimulating faster healing and collagen production. The advanced technique can be used to treat dark under eye circles, lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, sun damage and hard-to-treat imperfections like acne scars.

After the targeted Coolaser application, Dr. Simon Ourian uses Neustem dermal fillers to further perfect the area, filling in fine lines and depressions with a semi-permanent skin filler that seems to reverse the aging process. For those unfamiliar to it, Neustem is Dr. Ourian’s proprietary filler formula developed exclusively for his clinic.

See the best version of yourself, dark circles-free today! Visit www.epionebh.com and follow @SimonOurianMD1 on Instagram to learn more on the popular doctor’s exclusive techniques.

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