How Social Media Star Val stays sane in this social media world

How Social Media Star Val stays sane in this social media world

You know social media did tremendous work in order to close the gap between states and countries. You can now send a message or hear someone’s voice on your cellular device. You can find your old classmates or your college friends on Social Media, which was hard before social media took place. But social media comes with a lot of disadvantages as well.

Val, who is a social media star who has made her carrier out of social media tell that she is really grateful for the life she is leading. She is making her name in the social media industry for her amazing interaction with her fans. She is popularly known as Val around the world for her gist to travel across many countries. Her Instagram Val around the world has a lot of meaning besides it. She would like to change her citizenship to the citizen of the world.

Val says that people always look at the brighter side of social media. There is a quote that perfectly describes her feeling “ Once you start to win, you will start hating defeats “. She is one of the Top streamers in the Streaming world. She believes winning is an addiction. She started her carrier by live streaming and later on become the #1 streamer on a popular Streaming App. There is a lot of unspoken competition in the live streaming world. Once someone is not able to achieve the result he or she gets depressed.

She tells the greatest issues faced by her till now, she believes that in order to lead a prosperous life one needs to have a proper balance in life. During her initial days, it was really hard for her to leave her phone, she became a social media addict, which started affecting her mental health. “I love live-streaming and I love social media but I had to learn to find a balance. I wanted to be able to leave my phone away even if that means to stop streaming for many days-weeks because I was losing my real life” Says Val.

You can meet great people on social media and some of my live-streaming supporters from the very start of my career still my friends and supporters till now, but it’s very important to find the balance and don’t allow social media to consume your real life.

The key is to find the balance and one should not allow social media to consume their life, give yourself some time to live the real-life and share with your loved ones too. One should not be lost in the Rumble of stories and Instagram posts. Social media is a good escape from your troubles but not the solution to your real-life problems.

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