Diligence and Valiance Leads To Prosperity By Chirag Alawadhi

Chirag Alawadhi

People say that your diligence and your valiance leads you towards prosperity and Chirag Alawadhi is a living example of it. Hailing from Hisar, Haryana, Chirag has proved that a person’s patience and experience builds up his character. Working with WittyFeed, Steelbird and Marketing Moves helped him to build up his skills. Today, Chirag is one of the best content strategists out there. With his zeal to achieve his goals, he has also managed to become a successful Youtube Consultant and a Social Media Influencer. Chirag Alawadhi has a fan base of 50k on social media platforms. Combined with two other communities, Chirag Alawadhi is followed by more than 10,00,000 people across social media.

Today Chirag Alawadhi is the Founder of Marketing Moves, iPromptdigital.com and Esports Minute. Being a social media strategist is not easy but with the right skills, Chirag manages to pull it off effortlessly. Every Entrepreneur wants to work with him to grow their business. There are several projects of Esports Minute and iPrompt Digital which are lined up for him. His proper planning and strategies are the reason for the success of every project. At a young age, he has achieved milestones. People wish to live the life he is leading but there aren’t many people who acknowledge his struggle.

During the initial days of his career, Chirag Alawadhi had to work for people without any financial profit. This was one of the hardest moment of his career. But it gave him a life-changing experience. Those campaigns allowed him to sharpen up his skills and gave him the courage to take risks. Moreover, Chirag’s family and friend supported him through each phase of his life. Coming from a business background, Chirag Alawadhi has always seen his family working hard to run their business successfully. He believes that his family and his friends play a huge role in his success.

When asked about his future plans, Chirag Alawadhi says “ I am not a quitter. I keep doing mistakes and I learn from it. I keep moving because that’s what every successful person keeps doing.” Chirag Alawadhi dreams to be the most successful Entrepreneur and we all know that his zeal will drive him to his triumph.

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