Kaila Blanchard of Dryden Faces Charges over Theft of Canada Goose Parkas

Dryden Police Service

DRYDEN – Some experience in hunting and trapping and a little fashion knowledge helped a Dryden Police officer make an arrest.

The trail started back on October 6, 2020, when a local Dryden clothing business was broken into and several “Canada Goose” brand parkas were stolen.

Then, on January 2, 2021, while preparing to transport a 32-year-old female subject, the Dryden Police Service Officer noted that the parka the subject had in her possession had a coyote fur trim on the hood.

The officer was aware that this brand of clothing used real coyote fur on their garments. Although the majority of the labels had been carefully removed, upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the parka was in fact a “Canada Goose” jacket which lead to there being enough grounds to proceed with charges.

Kaila BLANCHARD of Dryden, ON has been charged with possession of stolen property and has been issued a summons to attend court on a future date.

All accused are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.