Stefanie Gurzanski – Striking Model Whose Looks Influence.

Stefanie Gurzanski

Modeling i.e. the act of representing something, models are the face of products, and everyone wants to see them. A well-established model earns millions of dollars for a single shoot. Everything in this world comes at a cost, that one must pay. Discipline, hard work, struggle, and rejection are to be maintained for such glamorous and fascinating life. Most of the aspirants back off their dream because of such hurdles and rejections. But, we have a live example of Stefanie Gurzanski, the model born in Ontario, Canada has faced all hurdles and outshined herself as a model to be cherished all over the world.

Stefanie tried several other professions before modeling, but she wasn’t meant for those professions. Her journey as a model was initiated from her high school at the age of 17. She had a debut in this field with Playboy. She was cherished for her modeling in playboy, soon Stefanie started to share her journey on Instagram. Within no time she gained a huge number of followers, who had the same dream. Her Instagram handle is filled with beauty and fitness tips.

The same beauty today admired was once Stefanie Gurzanski’s curse. She lacked female friends because of their jealousy for her beauty. Most of her friends were guys, that too just for her beauty. She lacked true friends.

Stefanie Gurzanski values her role as an influencer and particular about the products she shares with her followers. The products recommended are the ones which she has personally used. She believes in maintaining transparency with her fans, this helps her to grow more.

As per Stefanie, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s natural body. Doing a photoshoot il all her skin makes her feel more beautiful and confident.

Stefanie Gurzanski is now an inspiration for millions, she is connected to the world through Instagram. The glamorous pictures that she keeps posting on Instagram raise the heartbeat of millions. After building such a huge fan base, she keeps the world updated with her journey.

Fitness and staying in shape is the key to modeling. Stefanie Gurzanski hits the gym regularly. She also has Pilates sessions for flexibility and fitness. Apart from physical exercise, She has been following a strict diet since the start of her career.

In 2010, she turned vegan and in the year 2013, she started consuming a gluten-free diet.

Apart from modeling, Stefanie Gurzanski has featured in movies and music videos as well. Her first music video was “Losing My Mind” by Lo Lytes. Writing is something that she enjoys in her leisure. Romantic novel fascinates her as she believes written words are sexier than actions. She wants to write the next fifty shades.

So, this was the brief story of Stefanie Gurzanski’s early life, her struggle, and never give up attitude. Today she has more than a million followers on Instagram and is still one of the best models. Here fitness and beauty tips give a positive result, so hats off to Stefanie.

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