Jaf Glazer is Elevating Real Estate with a 360 Degree Approach to Advising Family Offices

Jaf Glazer - Chairman of the board on New York City’s largest real estate association, REBNY

Most brokerage firms are one-dimensional regarding their niche; Conquest Advisors is different. The real estate advisory firm is multi-strategy, meaning that it can handle all of the touchpoints of a principal’s life: working, living, and investing. Founder and CEO Jaf Glazer built his firm to cater to family offices that are looking to handle their real estate transactions from start to finish. Because Conquest Advisors offers such a unique service, the company’s deals have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Curbed NY, and The Real Deal.

This full-service experience has proven to be very attractive to wealthy family offices that would otherwise have to work with over five different brokers and construction managers to handle the variety of projects they intend to undertake — some of Glazer’s clients have been with him since he first started Conquest Advisors back in 2005.  “At times, we’ve had clients who have purchased companies and need advice on locations to roll out a retail strategy,” he said. “Other times, heirs to family fortunes turn of age and come to us to develop an allocation strategy which could consist of residential real estate ownership, income-producing buildings, or investing as a limited partner in development deals with excellent project sponsors.”

Glazer — who is now serving as chairman of the board on New York City’s largest real estate association, REBNY — actually started working in real estate for a family office looking at investments abroad, so he can provide the awareness of international markets that his high-powered clients need. “In foreign countries, where the markets are less efficient and there’s less transparency, it’s more important to have a team that knows the local markets really well,” said Glazer. On the rare occasions that Conquest Advisors can’t provide the right sort of expertise, the firm can connect them with the right parties. “We have specialists within our firm that can assist from buying an apartment to creating a pro-forma for a ground-up hotel or apartment project,” he added.

Because Conquest Advisors is involved with all sides of real estate, Glazer’s team has built up an incredible network of investors, developers, and family offices that they utilize to facilitate connections that would never be possible at a one-dimensional firm. By providing such an above-and-beyond experience, the team almost never has to advertise because their elite clientele usually end up referring new clients. “We have a track record of success, and we have the transactions to show that we’ve done record-breaking deals,” said Glazer.

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