Basketball player Roman Perez prepares for 2021

Roman Perez
Basketball player Roman Perez prepares for 2021

Whether it’s professional or leagues in the United States, pro basketball player Roman Perez will be ready for the occasion. A 12yr pro, he’s used his time to stay focused in preparation for any doors opening in this new year.

To share about Roman, his story is one of a kind. He started his career playing pro at age 23, not bad for someone who started to play and practice the game seriously at age 16. But that didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY and born in the Dominican Republic, he faced many obstacles in his journey. From a kid that was looked at as someone who would never make it to now recognized in different parts of the world, he is a living testament that if we stay focused then we can accomplish our goals in life.

As things get better in our current world situation, opportunities will open up for many. It’s a time to learn from and build back to come back stronger. Roman Perez is ready for whatever is coming his way. In the meantime, perseverance will be the key to those doors that are waiting to be opened.

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