Top Bitcoin Games for the Crypto Gamer

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Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies today. You have games for PCs, consoles as well as smartphones and other smart devices. The industry behind gaming always keeps things fresh which is why gamers get new titles pretty much every year. Naturally, some companies take longer than others when it comes to making a game but there are still plenty of titles to choose from.

The gaming industry is known for its ability to adapt to the many trends throughout the years. For example, there have been many technological advancements which are why the visuals and mechanics of games have improved over the years. One of the current trends is Bitcoin. It’s already rocking the financial world.

Some gaming companies already accept it as a payment method. Moreover, blockchain technology inspired developers to come up with a few interesting titles. That’s how the crypto gamer was born. Even if you’re not such an individual then you’ll enjoy these titles:

Altcoin Fantasy

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency, but so is trading with it. There are several traders online but there are even more aspiring ones. If you’re one of them then Altcoin Fantasy is perfect for you. That’s because the game is a cryptocurrency trading simulator. Bitcoin is one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

The virtual market features real-time prices of assets as well as a bunch of tools you can use to make market analyses. Naturally, there are other players that will serve as your competition. The virtual currency in the game comes in the form of ACF points.

Thanks to this game you’ll get down all the basics behind trading and make a bunch of mistakes that will turn you into a better trader. The game also offers several competitions you can try your skills in and if you’re good enough you’ll get rewarded in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Trading with Bitcoin can be quite risky at times. That’s why you can try out trading bots that can make important decisions for you. One of the platforms that offer this service is the official yuanpay group cryptocurrency  platform. Thanks to it, you can just set the bot and let it trade for you. But first, you’ll need an account and a deposit to make things happen. Naturally, you’ll go over tutorials before you make the deposit worth it. Once you go live there’s no coming back.

Spells of Genesis

When you think about it, card games have been popular for some time. Games like blackjack and poker are played by millions of people in offline and online casinos. However, trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh have also been popular throughout the years. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Bitcoin card game should exist.

Spells of Genesis is such a game. It gives you the opportunity to build out your deck and face lots of opponents. It features several factions and various cards you can collect by beating opponents or making in-app purchases. Thanks to blockchain technology you get to keep what you earn.

Merge Cats

Games that feature matching symbols are also pretty common. People usually think of Candy Crush when such types of games are mentioned. However, games such as Zuma Deluxe are ones that feature this title. Merge Cats is another such game. You’ll get to see lots of fluffy cats and match them.

You’ll get points for your effort which will push you to do your best every time. Daily challenges are also part of the game and by doing them you’ll earn rewards in Bitcoin. Having fun and earning money has never been easier.


This is another Bitcoin trading card game that you might enjoy. It also comes with several factions and lots of cards to collect. On top of that, you’ll get to experience interesting visuals and smooth mechanics with Splinterlands. You can also get cards via in-app purchases. The goal of the game is to beat as many players as you can and build a powerful deck.


The gaming industry is constantly growing which is why the market’s value doesn’t decrease throughout the years. The industry is well aware of the trends and makes sure to incorporate them. That’s why the crypto game will have lots of titles to choose from in the coming years.

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