Eli Rossman’s Upturn Network Turns Great Listeners Into Better Fans

Eli Rossman
Eli Rossman’s Upturn Network Turns Great Listeners Into Better Fans

There are around 300 million subscribers to Spotify, the world’s biggest online music streaming service. With playlists alone, Eli has reached 7 million of them. Those 7 million listeners have listened to the playlists he curated, with the help of independent creators, more than 40 million times. As impressive as this is, Eli is reaching for the stars and hoping to get as many of those 300 million subscribers to lend an ear to the independent and unsigned artists he showcases on his playlists.

Eli has had massive success so far with the reach he has been able to achieve. In reality, it should be said that the musical acts he has included in his playlists have enjoyed most of the success. Millions of listeners streaming the artists Eli showcases have led to active fan bases being created from scratch. This has helped those independent and unsigned artists achieve greater success, which is something that has been especially helpful in recent times due to the pandemic, where streaming has become the backbone of the music economy.

Eli, with the help of his playlisting company Upturn Network, curates a network of playlists that now has over 700,000 followers, with that number growing every day. The playlists curated and facilitated through Upturn Network have been getting a high amount of traffic and enjoy high listener retention rates, per artist numbers.

One of Eli’s best success stories involves the Christmas artist The Rossman Ensemble. There are other projects he’s worked on, like sleep and study aid Issana, but none have quite seen the same level of success as The Rossman Ensemble. The artist has seen their popularity explode during the 2020 holiday season. At its peak, the artist was being streamed over a million times every day, with a peak monthly listener count coming in at 1.7 million.

The Rossman Ensemble was one of the artists that entered Spotify’s Top 200 daily and weekly charts and did so without any external promotion being done. With the album’s September 2020 release, the growth happened at breakneck speeds.

A big part of the appeal of Upturn Network is the viral nature of the playlists generated by users who are experts in curating and crafting playlists with songs people enjoy. There has also been somewhat of a community formed with all of the users of this network of playlists, with listeners eagerly awaiting updates.

As Upturn Network moves towards having the million follower mark, it is sure to continue helping small and independent artists get some time in the spotlight. A number of artists have already reached Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts in several countries, as well as its daily Top 200 charts in even more countries. This phenomenal success is something that Eli hopes to deliver for more lesser-known and underappreciated artists who are out there on Spotify.

You can visit the Upturn Network website to learn more. You can also check out The Rossman Ensemble, Upturn Network’s Christmas artist here.

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