An Exclusive Interview with Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur, Randy Garn

Randy Garn, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year,

For Randy Garn, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year, nothing is more dear in the world than his deeply-rooted inclination to help up-and-coming companies and people. He currently serves as the chief consultant for various organizations and business ventures of all sizes who benefit directly from his personal business acumen.

In a special one-on-one with New York Times best-selling author, a passionate entrepreneur, and Managing Partner at High Performance Institute, Garn takes us through the power of having self-discipline and how conquering the self has played a key role in his own journey to achieving greatness (which includes earning Forbe’s coveted Top 40 under 40).

He gives us an inside look at the common threads that connect all innovators: self-discipline, complete control over self, emotinos, and an innate ability to take on tasks and succeed regardless of that task’s nature. These are things that all must know and encapsulate in order succeed in personal and business life.

As a beacon light

Garn is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has founded or served as partner numerous companies such as Prosper, Hero Partners, Education Success Inc, High-Performance Institute,, and many others. A decisive and action-oriented Garn gives consultancy services to growing companies to scale new heights. The world has seen several successful CEOs, high performing marketers, and highly recognized thought-leaders who have made significant improvements and life changes from Garn’s advice.

His top-notch client base benefits from his wide range of knowledge and reaches out to him for his expert guidance on the art of customer acquisition, marketing, sales, and how these relate to the overall lifetime customer experience. Garn sits on the Advisory Board of many other companies including High Performance Institute with Brendon Burchard, top-tier software development companies like Solution Stream, Harvey Mackay Round Table, and others.

What it takes to become a success story

Garn instills in his protégés the need to develop a decisive spirit, and try more things than they think they can. This attitude an action allows individuals to build a base of evidential learning that can enhance confidence and build a broader knowledge base. He believes that to succeed in one’s profession, it is best to try a hand at different skills, fail fast, and then course correct to reach the ultimate goal.

Beyond work, there is life

Garn is also a partner of the Bronze Buffalo Club. The Bronze Buffalo Club is an exclusive members’ only club that offers a range of experiences such as hunting, fishing, golf, and unforgettable events all over the world. Garn is an alumnus of Brigham Young University, He is also a graduate of the Owner President Management Program, and an alumnus of Harvard University. Randy Garn loves his wife Charlotte, their four beautiful daughters, and his two adorable boys!

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