STIIIZY Helps Fight COVID-19 by Donating Through BLESSED by LIIIT

STIIIZY Helps Fight COVID-19 by Donating Through BLESSED by LIIIT

Say it with me:  couture cannabis. Yes, it is a real thing. Recreational cannabis is legal in California, and the minority-owned cannabis brand STIIIZY holds a top spot in this booming industry.

Considered an essential business due to the medical applications of cannabis, STIIIZY has invested significant funds to create a safe environment for their employees and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have further set themselves apart by giving back to the community through their Blessed by LIIIT program.

With a flagship store that is art gallery meets sensory cannabis boutique, this young company offers an amazing experience. Complete with knowledgeable “budtenders”, STIIIZY is well-prepared to exceed expectations of even the most discerning customers. Offering loose flowers, vapes, and pre-rolled cones (joints) in sleek packaging, this is a far cry from the illicit marijuana industry.

LIIIT is STIIIZY’s brand of cannabis flower (buds), and it is available in several different flavors. Lauded for its quality, this California-grown product offers a rare level of potency and purity. While customers certainly enjoy this product, they can take additional satisfaction in knowing that by simply making a purchase, they are contributing to worthy causes.

One of the varieties of LIIIT is called Animal Face, a new strain from STIIIZY boasting mind and body bliss. Blessed is the company’s charitable wing with funds going to causes like veteran’s affairs, homelessness, social equity, and other community outreach programs. Animal Face is the first strain exclusive to this initiative, and it will be available at all STIIIZY locations plus many other retailers across California.

Purchases made under the Blessed program will provide welcome relief to many people. Since all strains associated with this initiative are carefully selected, customers can rest assured they are getting a superb product. It makes giving back rewarding in a totally different light, creating a positive impact on givers and receivers.

STIIIZY has focused on causes and organizations since its founding in 2017. Being a leading brand in premium cannabis, there are plenty of customers to help STIIIZY’s charitable contributions. Thanks to their proprietary vape pod and its cult-like following, these customers will likely be around for some time, further securing funds for worthy causes.

People generally feel good about themselves when performing good deeds. Thanks to the carefully curated strains of LIIIT, STIIIZY takes this feeling to a new level and makes charitable giving effortless for their patrons.

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