Model Jocelyn Wedow sheds light on her leading role in the upcoming movie Summit Fever

Jocelyn Wedow
Model Jocelyn Wedow sheds light on her leading role in the upcoming movie Summit Fever

Although COVID-19 has caused an upheaval in the movie industry, there will soon be a light at the end of the tunnel. Movies are still being made, and it will be even more exciting to see them on the big screen after the clouds clear. Model Jocelyn Wedow is all set to star in the upcoming film Summit Fever, and she can’t wait for audiences to see her debut role.

CW Management and Elite Model Management in Miami and Los Angeles signed Jocelyn Wedow, who had started modeling at the age of 20. While she enjoys modeling, she knew she wanted to break into the acting scene. “Movies have always fascinated me,” Wedow said. “I want to be in front of a camera in a new way, other than how I have for years. That’s why I’m so excited about Summit Fever.”

While it’s still in pre-production, the movie Summit Fever is sure to make a massive impact on audiences throughout the world. It’s set in the French Alps and follows a man who is lured into climbing the “Big Three” mountains—the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, and the Eiger. Other stars involved in the film include Emma Mackey, who played Maeve in the hit show Sex Education, and Freddy Thorpe, known for his role in the movie Overdrive. The film is directed by Julian Gilbey, who’s well-known in the scene, especially for his film A Lonely Place to Die. “I’m so excited that I get to star alongside these powerhouse actors and work with Julian. I couldn’t ask for a better cast, and they’ve all been great about showing me the ropes.” While few plot details have been released, Jocelyn has said, “It will be a thrilling adventure that will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

In addition to her role in the film, Wedow has been cast in an upcoming project with Michael Bay. “He’s one of the most prestigious directors in Hollywood. I never imagined I’d get a chance to work with him.” She can’t reveal any details about the project at this time, but she can’t wait for America to get to know her. “Being a model and being an actress may seem similar, but I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to see where my career will take me next.”

Although it is not clear when Summit Fever will be released, we are keeping an eye on our local movie theater’s schedule because Jocelyn Wedow is sure to make a statement in her debut role.

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