Michael Timothy Johnson on how the pandemic has transformed entrepreneurship

Michael Timothy Johnson
Michael Timothy Johnson on how the pandemic has transformed entrepreneurship

Business professionals have always put their best foot forward in the face of risk. With the pandemic taking a toll on all facets of life, entrepreneurs have had to rethink their whole strategy in order to succeed. Here, motivational speaker, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Michael Timothy Johnson shares how entrepreneurship has changed in the face of the current pandemic.

While many were looking to make the shift from running their business offline to online, some like Johnson had experience and expertise of years. Through his Skype consultation calls, social media profiles, and other platforms, Johnson has been able to run his business and maintain interaction with clients globally. He explains, “The current pandemic has been the wake-up call for many entrepreneurs to increase their social media presence and reach out to customers virtually. With the obstacle comes an opportunity to zero in on any loopholes, and rectifying them helps shield the business from future loss.”

“Entrepreneurship is about adding value through your products, services, skills, and knowledge,” he adds. With a bachelor in finance, Johnson worked in a bank and learned about the ins and outs of money and investments before choosing the entrepreneurial career path. Today, he is a successful speaker and has helped thousands of men regain their confidence, build their physique, and chart their own paths to success using his knowledge.

With more than fourteen million views on his YouTube channel, Johnson found a career that allowed him to harness his creativity and live on his own terms. He believes this is something all business owners can achieve from their homes, using resources available online such as books, videos, websites, courses, and more. “The internet is your biggest asset. It is filled with all the supplies you need, but useful only if you are willing to put in the work. There will be hurdles that no one else can overcome for you, you have to learn and hustle and figure it out,” elucidates Johnson.

The challenge is finding a sought-after niche and learning skills, such as marketing, during these times when sales are at an all-time low. Entrepreneurship is all about innovation. The pandemic can be a portal for reflection and communication to help build a profitable business that is far-sighted, optimised for a team working remotely, with a strong online presence and a list of satisfied clients.

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