The Future Looks Bright for Adamm Miguest’s Startup

The Future Looks Bright for Adamm Miguest’s Startup

Startups often have a tough time living up to their promises. They often have a tough time living, period, but that’s something that goes with the territory. Making it in the startup world requires equal amounts of skill, keen perception, and managerial capabilities. Some luck doesn’t hurt, either, even though counting on it would be a major mistake.

For Adamm Miguest and his music promotion startup Rapid Launch Media, living up to the promise doesn’t seem too hard. They are doing well for themselves, even with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment. Adamm and the team would like things to stay that way, too, and for the future to bring them only the brightest of things.

Post-COVID-19 Business as Usual

The elephant in the room should always be addressed first. In this case, the elephant is a virus that’s caused a global pandemic that’s taken jobs, food security, and sadly the very lives of countless people around the globe.

For some sectors, however, the pandemic wasn’t a hindrance. It’s not the mask-making sector, but the one that operates primarily online. Everyone from freelance designers to content creators saw their businesses pick up, and Adamm Miguest’s business was no exception.

With people spending increased time indoors, it was only natural they would eventually turn to platforms such as TikTok for entertainment. This, in turn, helped fuel Adamm’s music campaigns, so much so that he doesn’t feel the need to think about a recovery plan for the post-COVID-19 period.

Focus on Client Acquisition

Becoming the go-to person for anything is tough to achieve. When there’s a high demand for something, it gets even tougher to get into that position where, for things to get done, there’s only one person who’s worth calling.

Adamm’s ambition is to be that guy for promoting music on social media. That’s his aim, but he still has a lot of headway to make to get there. For starters, he needs to work on client acquisitions. Nothing speaks with such volume and reach as an impressive list of clients.

Even though Adamm’s portfolio isn’t half bad—it’s good enough to get him to the top of the industry—Adamm understands that he needs to always be working on it. Staying still and resting on one’s laurels is a bad choice, and it shouldn’t even be an option.

Heading Into the Future Relaxed

While it’s difficult to speak about how a pandemic can be a blessing in disguise for some businesses, there’s also no point in denying it because it’s true for better or for worse. Some businesses thrived even during the most challenging times, giving their owners the luxury of not having to worry as much about the future.

For Adamm, being relaxed about the future comes from three things. The first is that COVID-19 didn’t negatively hit his business. The second is that he already has some plans for the future that are just waiting to materialize.

Finally, Adamm manages to be relaxed about the future because he does the work that helps him relax. For example, he hires people who know what they’re doing so that he doesn’t have to stress over them and their performances. We can’t see the future or figure out what it’s going to bring, but one thing’s for sure: Adamm will have an answer for it at the ready.

To keep up with Adamm, follow him on Instagram at @itsadamm.

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