Stephanie Martin: The Momtreprenuer

Stephanie Martin: The Momtreprenuer

One of the difficulties that come with choosing the entrepreneurial lifestyle is the lack of time for family. Over the years different experts have chimed in from time to time on how to create a balance.

But the best way to learn how to create a work-life balance is by speaking with an entrepreneur who has managed it. And this brings us to Alec Martin aka Astyle Alive, an incredibly talented and passionate entrepreneur who has managed to find that balance.

In this article, we take a look into the life of Alec Martin and how it has affected those around him.

About Alec

Alec Martin, also known as Astyle Alive, is the founder of Tranquil Store, a premium quality CBD e-commerce company that helps people with stress, anxieties, and depression. He is also a serial entrepreneur, a credit specialist, businessman, investor philanthropist, designer, and record producer. He is also the founder of a real estate development and construction company known as One Umbrella Enterprise INC.

A Strong Bond

Most entrepreneurs struggle to keep a healthy relationship with their family. They devote most of their time to their work and have less time for their loved ones.

When Alec’s wife Stephanie was asked how she was able to cope with her husband, Here’s what Stephanie had to say:

“I was nervous when my husband’s dreams started becoming a reality.  We were newly married with a newborn, and I knew as his business ventures took off it would mean time away from home.

However, we have a working relationship, which we have communication and understanding.  We have weekly family meetings where we share calendars for the month that contains important events and try not to let anything overlap one another.

We have a schedule with our newborn, who has the night shift etc. We also have shared responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the household.  My husband is very ambitious, I knew this from when we first met…so his success isn’t a surprise to me.  We are a team and in this together…making all things possible for our dreams to come true.”

Being Inspired By Stephanie

Becoming an entrepreneur can be scary, but once you’ve got someone who keeps you grounded, the journey becomes a whole easier.

Alec’s wife Stephanie has been his biggest inspiration. With her by his side, he’s able to fully explore the depth of his abilities.

In his own words,

“My greatest source of help and inspiration comes from my wife Stephanie”.

Stephanie has been around for every up and down that I’ve encountered. She keeps me grounded, focused, and motivated. She has multiple roles; full-time mom, full-time business partner, and full-time wife. My wife keeps me inspired in many different ways. One way is by challenging my thoughts. When we have downtime, she would randomly have us do brain activities.

She has the ability to identify winning. When you know what winning (i.e. the end-state) looks like, all you have to do is zig and zag to get there. To realize the utmost potential and minimize wasted effort, identify exactly what we’re going after and make sure our people do, too. Redundancies arise when communication falters.”

To Alec, Stephanie has been a great help when it comes to his growth.

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