Most Expensive Customs made Mobile Phone Provider Mohammed Rashid Khan buzz in the news world with his Caviar Phones.

Mohammed Rashid Khan

If you think you have a most luxurious phone, then think again because today we will talk about an Entrepreneur who is writing a new definition of a rich lifestyle. Mohammed Rashid Khan’s young Entrepreneur investor and famous social media personality give Rich people rich taste with his custom-made Mobile Phones with his brand Caviar Phones.

You might say whats new in having an iPhone if you think you are thinking all wrong. Rashid Khan’s brand creates a buzz in entire Dubai and Arab for there classic custom made designs for Mobile Phones and other Gadgets. Caviar Phones is currently the only company which provide the most costly and chic design custom made mobile phones to the world’s top personalities.

This unique concept is endowed by growing and leading personality of Dubai Mohamed Rashid Khan. He knows business people today need something new chic, stylish, and extraordinary, which can attract top heads of the world and make some news. Rashid Khan wants to give luxurious thing which remains in the hand of people and make a buzz in the market, and there is nothing precious than mobile phone in today’s fast life.

Caviar Phones provide the world’s best custom made mobile phone. The normal range of custom made mobile phone in Caviar Phones starts from 2lacs. Wow, it’s all for wealthy people who want to have something classy and stylish thing in hand.

Caviar Phones provide custom made mobile phones in Diamond, Gold, Platinum, and pure leather. Today, they are the only one who provides custom-made mobile providers. They are known for providing the most stylish range of custom made mobile phones.

Other than this Rashid Khan is also involved in various other projects like Aviation, Real Estate, Entertainment, Government projects, Gold mining, Hotel chain business etc. Many rate him fastest growing entrepreneur of Dubai in 2020.

He is so popular that his style of making custom mobile and all is being copied by various companies in Dubai and other places of the world. But as we say, no one can beat the original one. Rashid Khan gives original custom pieces.

So if you are looking for something classy and custom-made that can relate to your rich standard, connect to Caviar Phones. IG
Here is his IG to get an idea of luxury items which Caviar provides visit his site to


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