Meet Karim Haddad, The Dynamic Businessman Who Wants to take Dubai’s Luxury Real Estate Industry to Dizzying Heights

Karim Haddad, The Dynamic Businessman Who Wants to take Dubai's Luxury Real Estate Industry to Dizzying Heights

The visionary entrepreneur has developed his unique path to success in the real-estate industry through his creativity, business sense, and persistence.

People claim that when someone decides to do something in life with a determined mind, nothing or nobody can stop them from moving closer to their goals and aspirations. It is always their hard work, grit, passion and dedication that makes it possible for them to sculpt their stories the way they want. Similar is the success story of an astute and ambitious real estate entrepreneur named Karim Haddad. He drew his success on his own, self-taught real estate business fundamentals, gained experience working in different industries, developed his expertise, and emerged as a sought-after luxury real estate consultant at Harbor Real Estate Dubai, a real estate company that provides individual and institutional sellers and buyers with transactional and advisory solutions.

Karim was born on June 18th, 1983. From the very beginning, he always felt an inclination to do something different and create something of his own. After completing his studies, this quest of his brought him to Dubai. He previously worked for very successful companies around the world, including McLaren, Bentley Motors and Land Rover. In addition to being a prosperous and professional real estate consultant, he also works for Roger Dubuis, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Speaking of his social media presence, because of his high-profile Instagram lifestyle, he’s followed by a large number of people who are aspiring to be like him. He has developed a wide network from all over the globe, leading to an incredible number of 1,79,016 followers on his Instagram profile at the moment.

Given the reputation and name he has received in the industry, Karim always drives high on self confidence and tries to acquire new possibilities whenever possible. He is all set to change the dynamics of the luxury real estate industry with his high-profile lifestyle and business tactics.

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