is a Streamlined Solution for Patients, Physicians, and Third-Party Vendors


Marijuana has been popular in mainstream society for many years, but now it has been legalized by many states for either recreational or medicinal use. Currently, 36 states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana, and more set to follow. For new marijuana patients, the path to obtaining marijuana and properly using it can be an arduous task- is here to help alleviate any stress that may come with this cumbersome process. is an integral resource for all the marijuana needs of new patients, as this easy-to-use platform serves as a directory for patients looking to find physicians who can prescribe medical marijuana. They educated consumers on state law, as well as how much their state charges for a marijuana license. They also have a plethora of medical information, and they can tell you about clinical studies that have been done on various conditions, and how to optimize marijuana use to best suit whatever condition a patient may be suffering from. Not only do they provide educational resources about marijuana, but CBD as well.

They are a vital source for finding dispensaries in a patients’ locality, mainly ones that have the best deals for first time patients, as well as the strain that best suits their needs. Marijuana has two distinct strains, Indica and Sativa. Both are vastly different from another, and it is imperative to know which one best suits the needs of the patient. Certain strains have terpenes that can also be of great health benefits. Some strains have a greater THC concentration that others, and this is of paramount importance to new patients, as they want their first experience to be enjoyable, rather than overwhelming. provides specific analysis of strains, and this is critical information for patients to make an informed decision about what to purchase. is also a great resource for physicians who want to supplement their income. Physicians can enroll for a low monthly fee starting at $99/month, depending on the state. The subscription includes more than just a listing and free practice management software that is HIPAA-compliant. A physician simply has to have their name on the directory, giving consumers information in their locality easy access to find providing physicians. More than half a million patients in the United States visit streamlines the process, where a consumer can set up an evaluation with a local physician to see if they are eligible for medical marijuana, the evaluation is quick and easy, lasting no more than an hour.

There are a number of reasons why a patient may opt out of going to a physician’s office to get a marijuana license, they may be immune-compromised, or have a medical condition that can cause serious adverse effects if exposed to Covid-19. Outside of health reasons, it is much easier to do everything via teleheath, from the comfort of your own home, not having to drive anywhere. incorporates telemedicine, electronic medical records, and a billing and collections system where a physician can do everything without leaving their home or office. has a verification and rating system for physicians, giving patients a sense of comfort and assurance that they will see the best providing physician in their area. The platform is also an important educational resource for physicians, waking them through the process every step of the way on how to use their helpful and safe services. strictly adheres and enforces all required compliance regulations, such as: appointment management, secure telehealth, direct contact information, patient EMR, and a physician dashboard. The platform is a full turn-key solution for physicians, and it has immense benefits to draw in consumers, as well as educate them about medical marijuana. was featured in the top 100 medical cannabis blogs by Feedspot in 2020. is also a great tool for advertising for third-party vendors who provide marijuana services or products. The site has over hundreds of thousands of qualified patients visit the site every month. has leading content marketing services, and an advertising server which gives enormous exposure to practitioners who are looking for new patients. Physicians report an average 1.5x return on their advertising costs with The platform enables easy access to training that is free of charge, all with the goal to help physicians optimize every potential lead and patient appointment request. is a great tool for the entire marijuana community- from patients to physicians, and even those who seek to utilize the extensive database of users and traffic to market their marijuana brand.

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