Jaime Manteiga Shares the Pillars Behind His Success

Jaime Manteiga Shares the Pillars Behind His Success

Doyen of the IT geeks, Jaime Manteiga of TAPTOK reveals the secret recipe of his success as a digital entrepreneur. Jaime Manteiga narrates how he founded Venkon and TAPTOK with skilled technology enthusiasts who motivated him to achieve fruition of his entrepreneurial plans

When Manteiga became the newest member of the prestigious Forbes Technology Council on 9th of October, 2020, the buzz that formed was alive for many months. How did he achieve such a colossal milestone at such a young age of 31, not to mention being the founder and managing director of Vencon Corp and Taptok? Jaime’s answer is simple. He says that no shortcut can take you to your goal in the shortest time span. Perseverance is the key, along with a passion for the job that you do.

Dedication and hard work coupled with communication skills

A multitalented individual, Jaime has carved his pathway to success in the most gruelling yet exciting manner. Starting early in the field of cybersecurity solutions and IT consultations, he learned to be flexible and evolve with the latest trends on the internet. Having mastered in Application Development from CICE, Jaime went on to work as a developer for Bridge Century Technology. His skills and dedication helped him to ascend the ranks of the company quickly to become a Project Manager. Following that, his resume is a star-studded list of the companies which benefited from his expertise in cloud infrastructure security and risk management. As he admits, he was popular and highly sought for his ability to smoothly communicate and being articulate with the clients, potential employees and also, employers.

Vision To create something from scratch

Did Manteiga have his moments of self-doubt? Of course, however rare it might be. When he formed Venkon in 2014, nobody shared his vision of establishing a one-stop platform for protecting Internet users against threats from malicious hackers and other problems of IT security. In Manteiga’s words, “Trusting myself even when others wouldn’t share my vision was one of the toughest experiences”. However, as you can see, such hurdles didn’t deter him from his path, and today Jaime is the proud owner of TAPTOK- the new technological innovation suited for the postpandemic era.

Innovative ideas

Completely digitised, this organisation features digital Taptok Cards for business and virtual phone dots called Taptok Dots. Once you bring Taptok cards near a phone, the information gets instantly transferred. With this brilliant technological innovation, Jaime is sure to achieve further heights in his career.

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