From A Fan To Film Producer – A Reminiscing Success Tale Of Producer Jeegar Chauhan

Jeegar Chauhan
Jeegar Chauhan
They say you follow your dreams and work passionately towards achieving it, you will find the way out. But there are few who carve a dream in their path towards success. The emerging successful producer of two upcoming films of Gujarati entertainment industry, Jeegar Chauhan. Jeegar started from the bottom, he was never ever part of the entertainment circuit, but the route towards success is worth bringing forth.
Jeegar Chauhan was born in a middle class family in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Kickstarting his career post completing BBA from Som-Lalit Institute of Business Administration. Jeegar joined Axel Sports Academy in Ahmedabad and his managerial skills and administrative prowess brought him laurels. Making his way uphill in life, he moved to Corporate Prime, Gurgaon as Business Development Manager. Well everything was going in his way, but destiny had something else in store for dedicated & hard working Jeegar.
One fine day he went to watch the film Love Ni Bhavai and the film kindled an immense love and passion beneath Jeegar to work in the entertainment industry and bolster the content and the industry as well. The second catalyst which propelled him was Vhalam Live concert Jigraa aka Jigardan Gadhavi. The concert & film aligned the stars of Jeegar in the entertainment circuit and he happened to meet the owner of Crystal Colors Event Studio, Viral Dave. From that point there was no looking back for Jeegar as he scaled heights with every passing day.
Jeegar collaborated with director Dhwani Gautam for The Mr. D Show, post that he worked on a Web Series with RJ Ruhan & actress Shraddha Dangar titled ‘Geet’. Who knew a fan who watched Malhaar Thakar’s film will be producing his two iconic upcoming projects, well the showstopper Jeegar is unstoppable as he is proudly producing Dhuandhaar & Kesariya. Two of the most sought after masterpieces, fans across Gujarat are eagerly waiting for
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