United Kingdom Goes into National Lockdown until Mid February

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

LONDON – INTERNATIONAL NEWS – Great Britain is in entering into a new lockdown phase. The new variant of COVID-19 in Britain is spreading at an alarming rate, and is threatening to overwhelm hospitals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement in a national address on Monday as he warned the people of Great Britain that the new COVID variant, which is up to 70% more transmissible, was spreading at a “frustrating and alarming” rate.

The Prime Minister said, “In England, we must therefore go into a national lockdown which is tough enough to contain this variant. That means the government is once again instructing you to stay at home.”

There are 40 per cent more patients with COVID-19 in English hospitals now that during the first wave.

The new lockdown measures are going to last until at least mid-February.