An Exclusive Interview with Leading Entrepreneur Jay Awal

Leading Entrepreneur Jay Awal

The entrepreneurial world has experienced a seismic shift in 2020. Enterprising companies like Zoom and Fitbit have leaned into the changing landscape of business by meeting the communication and fitness needs of those in 2020. Another entrepreneurial endeavor making waves is MxM The Movement. Jay Awal conceptualized this priceless resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. Awal has succeeded in leading one of the largest online education and mentorship platforms that teaches over 300,000 people around the world. We had the chance to talk to him in our exclusive interview below.

Q1. Can you tell us more MxM The Movement?

A:  MxM The Movement invigorates and creates profitable entrepreneurs and forward-thinking investors. We are on a mission to help the world grow spiritually, mentally, and financially.

Q2. You have opened up the world of entrepreneurship to thousands of people. Is it your belief that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur?

A: Yes, I believe that through determination and commitment, anyone can. Self-evaluating and setting clear goals are two of the most important skills that anyone can learn to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Q3. Digital nomadism is a trend within the entrepreneurial world that is gaining a lot of traction; what is your take on it?

A: The concept that people can have complete freedom of movement while digitally creating an income is likely to be one of the biggest business trends next year. 2020 saw more people than ever before working remotely, and it will, I think, open up many entrepreneurial opportunities for people.

Q4. The last few years have seen a massive rise in the young entrepreneur. Why do you think this is?

A: I think a lack of job opportunities, as well as the failing collegiate school system has led to young and middle-aged people creating their own financial support. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and I think this rising trend proves that to be true.

Q5. There have been several courses appearing online that aim to educate aspiring entrepreneurs; what makes MxM The Movement different?

A: We provide bespoke e-learning, group coaching and one-on-one coaching designed to get you to your goals, fast. Statistics show that 7% of people who purchase an online course actually finish it and that’s because most online courses only provide one facet of learning. Which is the educational videos, and lets be real; all the information in the world can’t make a dent in your income. It’s the application of that information and that’s why we created a community, a culture where the environment is conducive to growth and an accountability system that sees that growth to and through. We created MXM to provide people with a step-by-step plan that helps them grow and level up their life and develop more of an impact in their community and income all while reducing risk and maximizing reward.

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